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    20cc Oxygen Absorber

    At 20cc this oxygen absorbers are our smallest in the range, they don't skimp on efficacy however. 

    High quality plasticised construction for use with dry and damp products. Convenient pack size of 200 units. Vacuum packed for freshness. These will extend the shelf life of your products. Removes oxygen, prevents mould growth and other spoilage. 

    Our 20cc oxygen absorbers are of the highest quality and factory vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness. Oxygen absorbers start working (absorbing oxygen) from the atmosphere within minutes of being exposed to air, i.e. when the package is opened.

     20cc oxygen absorbers are the perfect size for our 7.5cm x 10cm and 9cm x 10cm pouches.

    All full packs of 20cc oxygen absorbers (200 absorbers) come with OxyEyeTM oxygen indicator that changes colour from pale pink to dark blue/purple when exposed to oxygen.

    Small pack size of 200's

    Removes oxygen and prevents spoilage.

    Plasticised construction for dry and moist goods. 

    Come vacuum packed.